What other people are saying about Scene and Sound:

A partially sighted audience members said:

“I was invited by Scene and Sound to attend an open day last year to talk about audio described performances. I hadn’t attended the theatre for a number of years following my loss of central vision. I felt it would be something I could no longer do. At the open day, I was told about how theatre performances are made accessible for those with sensory impairments, and had the chance to experience a touch tour and an audio described play. Being given the opportunity to try this out in a group proved very liberating. I now attend the theatre on a regular basis, which is very empowering as it helps me to maintain a level of independence in my social life.”

A Deaf actor said:

“Really excited to see this coming into fruition, as I cannot stress enough how important it is to make theatres 110% accessible to all people including those with visually and/or hearing impairments. Being Deaf myself, I am passionate about theatre, and know very well about feeling frustrated at not being able to enjoy plays/shows due to lack of relevant access!”

A theatre manager said:

“Scene and Sound website is desperately needed to help get access information to those who need it – in a way that suits them rather than them having to search endless theatre websites. This site is designed with the user in mind rather than theatre marketing.”

A blind actor said:
“The Scene and Sound website provides excellent information on accessible performances for deaf, deafened, blind and partially sighted people.”