A young girl smiles in happy surprise as she sits on a chequerboard floor and looks towards us. Her hands are held palms facing forward and her blonde hair tumbles in loose curls past her shoulders. She wears a pale blue dress with a white pinafore on top.

Alice Back in Wonderland

26th July 2017 to 29th July 2017

Venue Norwich Theatre Royal
Prices £7.00 - £12.00
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Accessible Performances

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29th July 2017 14:00


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Alice is fed up with everyone asking her about her adventures in Wonderland. After all, the whole thing was only a dream – or was it? She would much rather concentrate on becoming a mathematician like Uncle Lewis. But when the White Rabbit reappears and tells her that Wonderland needs her once again, Alice is forced to revisit her old adventures and face many new ones. The dreaded Jabberwock is terrorising the land and the Queen of Hearts is up to no good. Can Alice save the day? And can she change the future by changing her past?

A fun-filled musical adventure for all the family, from the writer of High School Prom Queen and Peter Pan Return to Neverland. Ideal entertainment for the start of the summer holidays.