Image of two ladies and a gentleman dressed in the 18th century attire.

Moll Flanders

28th September 2018 to 13th October 2018

Venue Mercury Theatre
Running Time 135m
Prices £11.00 - £27.00
Captioner Miranda Yates
Audio Describer Miranda Yates
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13th October 2018 14:30

Audio Described

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13th October 2018 13:00

Touch Tour

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10th October 2018 19:30


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Respected author Daniel Defoe is writing a new novel. Following the brilliant success of Robinson Crusoe, Daniel decides that his next book should be about a woman. But which woman will he choose?

Enter the notorious Moll Flanders, raised in Colchester as an orphan. Living a life of continu’d variety, Moll is twelve years a whore, five times a wife, twelve years a thief and eight years a felon in Virginia, before growing rich, living honestly and dying repentant. A colourful life to say the least.

A new and unfaithful adaptation by Nick Perry, reimagined by a cast of terrific actor musicians, and full of 18th century bawdiness! Join Moll as she takes Daniel on the ride of a lifetime – her lifetime.

Directed by Ryan McBryde, who also recently directed Pieces Of String:

“Rendered with immense clarity in director Ryan McBryde’s polished, moving production”