A middle aged many with a white beard, looks out quizzically. He holds a tower of gold coins on his open palm topped by a small sheep! In the background are two ornate buildings each with a clock at the top.

For Love or Money

28th November 2017 to 02nd December 2017

Venue York Theatre Royal
Prices £14.00 - £30.00
Audio Describer Tina Wright
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Accessible Performances

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2nd December 2017 13:30

Touch Tour

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2nd December 2017 14:30

Audio Described

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It’s the 1920s. In a small Yorkshire town, the wily-widow, Rose, entertains the advances of two dubious suitors. Fuller is a fabulously rich and morally corrupt banker who woos Rose by parading his wealth whilst hiding a few secrets. Handsome Arthur is much younger and deceitful through and through. He plays Rose for as much money as she can take from Fuller.
But money’s a slippery commodity and all is not quite as it seems. Throw in a bailiff, a drunkard, a vamp, a second-hand clothes dealer and two upwardly mobile servants, and the complications multiply.